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Protokol kesehatan sistem gelembung MotoGP Mandala



Protokol kesehatan sistem bubble untuk operasional MotoGP 2022 di Mandalay selama wabah COVID-19 ditetapkan dalam Surat Edaran Gugus Tugas COVID-19 No. 5/2022.

Aturan protokol kesehatan dalam surat edaran tersebut adalah sebagai berikut:

1. Peserta MotoGP Bubble System 2022 di Mandalay yang resmi terdaftar sebagai pembalap dan officer, dapat memasuki area bubble melalui pintu masuk internasional Bandara Internasional Zainuddin Abdul Madjit Lombok.

2. Pengemudi dan Peserta Bubble Organization Non-Official WNA dan WNI dapat memasuki area bubble melalui Gerbang Masuk Internasional dengan prosedur sebagai berikut:
SEBUAH. Tiba di Gerbang Masuk Internasional, sebagaimana ditetapkan atas perintah Ketua Gugus Tugas 19 Pemerintah tentang Tugas PCR Bagi Wisatawan Asing Untuk Tempat Masuk, Tempat Terisolasi, dan Warga Negara Indonesia. Atau
B. Ambil penerbangan langsung dan masuk melalui pintu masuk internasional Bandara Internasional Lombok Zainuddin Abdul Madjit.
C. Peserta bubble system yang masuk ke dalam bubble area MotoGP 2022 di Mandalay dari luar negeri harus melalui pintu kedatangan sebagaimana dimaksud pada nomor 2, harus menjalani isolasi terpusat dan mendapatkan hasil negatif pada tes RT-PCR berulang. Setibanya di gerbang kedatangan internasional. Tes PCR kedua untuk menyelesaikan isolasi sesuai aturan yang dituangkan dalam surat edaran yang dikeluarkan oleh gugus tugas COVID-19 tentang protokol kesehatan untuk perjalanan ke luar negeri selama epidemi COVID-19 sebelum melanjutkan perjalanan domestik ke bubble area.

3. Semua peserta dalam sistem gelembung, kecuali staf pendukung, harus melakukan aktivitas selama rangkaian operasi MotoGP, sesuai dengan aturan grup gelembung mereka.:
SEBUAH. Tim gelembung pengemudi dan petugas
B. Tim Gelembung terdiri dari dua pemirsa, jurnalis dan VVIP
C. Kelompok gelembung tiga terdiri dari petugas atau anggota tim

4. Setibanya di Gerbang Kedatangan Internasional di Lombok, semua peserta bubble, tidak termasuk staf pendukung, harus memenuhi ketentuan dan persyaratan sebagai berikut:
SEBUAH. Tunjukkan badan atau kartu digital atau sertifikat [proving a full course of COVID-19 vaccination at least 14 days before departure. It must be written in English as well as the language of the country or region of origin and verified on the Health Ministry’s website or the e-HAC form
b. Show a negative result of a RT-PCR test from the country or region of origin with samples no more than 48 hours before departure and attach it the e-HAC form
c. For racers, officials, officers, VVIPs, and journalists, they must show official documents proving their involvement in MotoGP 2022 activities at Mandalika
d. For spectators, they must show proof of booking confirmation and payment for tickets and/or accommodation in the bubble area

5. All foreigners who are not supporting staff must also meet the following requirements:
a. Show a visit visa or other entry permit in accordance with the provisions of the applicable laws and regulations
b. Show proof of ownership of health insurance with a minimum coverage value of US$25,000, including financing for handling COVID-19 and medical evacuation to a referral hospital
c. Undergo a body temperature check and RT-PCR test on arrival at the international arrival gate;
d. If a test result is negative, bubble participants can continue the journey, following the established procedures and head to pick-up for their final destination

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6. If the PCR test result is positive at the airport, the following will happen:
a. Anyone in the bubble system who is positive and isn’t support staff, but doesn’t have symptoms or are only mildly sick, will carry out isolation in specific isolation accommodation that’s separate from the bubble area. Full costs will be borne by a foreigner and the government will cover costs for Indonesians.
b. People in the bubble system who test positive, aren’t supporting staff and experience moderate or severe COVID-19 symptoms, will be isolated and treated at a referral hospital. Foreigners will pay the full cost themselves and the government will cover Indonesian citizens.

7. Participants in the bubble system who live around Mandalika, except for the support staff, must follow these rules when entering the 2022 MotoGP bubble area:
a. Show physical or digital proof of receiving a complete course of COVID-19 vaccination taken at least 14 days before entry
b. Spectators must show proof of booking confirmation and payment for 2022 MotoGP tickets at Mandalika
c. Undergo a body temperature check and a rapid antigen test upon arrival at the entrance to the 2022 MotoGP venue
d. They can enter the venue after obtaining a negative antigen rapid test as referred to in letter c.

8. While in the 2022 MotoGP bubble system area in Mandalika, everyone involved, except for support staff, must follow these rules:
a. They can interact with people who are in the same bubble group, as referred to in number 4
b. They can only carry out activities in the zone that has been determined at each facility in the bubble area
c. Undergo regular rapid antigen testing every day while in the bubble system area
d. Reporting to health workers in the bubble system area when experiencing symptoms related so as to get tested
e. Comply with mechanisms for contact tracing, isolation, and quarantine that apply in Indonesia if a positive case of COVID-19 is found in the related bubble system area
f. In the event that the committee member or officers cannot follow the provisions of the bubble system as referred to in points 7.a and 7.b. to fulfill their duties and responsibilities, the committee member or officer must carry out routine health checks every day to observe the emergence of symptoms related to COVID-19.

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9. Support personnel in the bubble system area must comply with the following provisions or requirements:
a. Show evidence of a full dose of COVID-19 vaccine in physical or digital form
b. Take a PCR test every three days and receive negative results
c. Take a rapid antigen test every time they leave or enter the bubble area
d. Report any COVID-19 related symptoms to health worker and take a PCR test
e. Comply with contact tracing, isolation, and quarantine that apply in Indonesia if a positive case of COVID-19 is found in the related bubble system area.

10. The process for contact tracing at the event is as follows:
a. Positive cases of COVID-19 with mild or no symptoms will be sent to isolation accommodation outside the bubble are
b. Positive cases of COVID-19 with moderate or severe symptoms will be sent to a referral hospital for treatment and isolation
c. The cost of isolation or treatment for positive cases of COVID-19 for foreigners is covered by them; workers including hotel staff will have costs covered by their employer; and for Indonesian citizens in general will have costs covered by the government.
d. Contact tracing will be carried out on all participants in the same bubble when a positive case is found and the mechanism will be established and implemented by the local health office.

11. All participants in the 2022 MotoGP bubble system in Mandalika are required to apply strict health protocols while in the bubble system area as follows:
a. Use a three-ply cloth mask or medical mask that covers the nose, mouth and chin
b. Change masks every four hours and dispose in the places provided
c. Wash hands regularly using water and soap or hand sanitizer, especially after touching objects that other people have touched
d. Maintain social distancing of 1.5 metres and avoid crowds
e. Use the PeduliLindungi application while in the bubble area
f. After the 2022 MotoGP, all bubble system participants must follow the health protocol or PPLN requirements that apply in the destination country/region.

12. Facilities or infrastructure used in the bubble area must meet the following conditions:
a. Displaying communication, information, and education media as well as conducting mass socialisation related to the implementation of health protocols
b. Have supporting facilities or infrastructure that can be used separately between each bubble group

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13. Have a support staff that at least includes the following:
a. Operational personnel for security and supervision of health protocols;
b. Health care workers
c. Supporting staff for the implementation of health protocols, including administrative staff, cleaning staff, and cooks.
d. A monitoring system for the implementation of health protocols such as CCTV cameras;
e. Have lodging rooms that meet the following conditions:
– Adequate windows or ventilation
– Adequate lighting
– Covered, plastic trash cans for infectious waste
– A mattress that’s easy to clean
– A bathroom in each room
– Rooms that can be used for more than one person or family
– An area that functions for specimen collection and health observation equipped with at least a body temperature measuring device, stethoscope, sphygmomanometer, oximeter, medicines, and other basic medical equipment
– An area that functions as a drop-off and pick-up point, a registration area, a decontamination or disinfection area, an area for outdoor activities, an area for collecting or examining specimens, as well as a place for health checks
– A separate quarantine and isolation room away from the bubble area as an area for quarantine and isolation for PPLN with the bubble system mechanism as well as officers and employees in facilities or infrastructure within the bubble system
– A special break room for support personnel who are directly involved in monitoring, supervising, and implementing health protocols
f. Have waste disposal facilities that meet environmental sanitation standards, which at least meet the following conditions:
– Segregated between organic and inorganic waste
– Available in sufficient quantity
– Temporary waste disposal sites (TPS) and hazardous and toxic waste disposal sites (B3).
– Have equipment and disinfectant materials
– Have personal protective equipment available

14. Every transportation operator at the entry point of international arrivals is required to use the PeduliLindung application.

The International Airport Port Health Office facilitates Indonesian citizens or foreigners who are involved in the bubble system who require emergency medical services upon arrival in Indonesia according to applicable regulations.

Ministries, institutions or regional governments that carry out functions related to the 2022 MotoGP bubble system in Mandalika can follow up the circular by issuing legal instruments that are in harmony and do not conflict with reference to the circular and the provisions of the applicable laws and regulations.

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