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My bakery is a Covid-19 success story. But we are still struggling to get by (opinion)



My bakery is a Covid-19 success story. But we are still struggling to get by (opinion)

I started offering boxes of assorted fruits and veggies, mostly sourced from local farms, along with pantry staples like flour, sugar and yeast. I kept in touch with my customers through weekly emails and posts of new inventory on social media. As word got out, I started seeing new faces as well.

Orders are now placed online in advance. Customers are assigned time slots to spread out the crowds. The bakery patio, usually packed with tables and chairs, has turned into an elaborate pickup line with bags and boxes placed alphabetically by last name. We have an outdoor fridge full of milk and eggs and an outdoor freezer stocked with chicken, beef and raw cinnamon buns to bake at home. Each morning, chalk arrows, instructions and six-feet spacing are marked along the sidewalk.

Every loaf of bread, every doughnut and every croissant baked each day is already promised to a home. By 9 am, there is a carefully spaced line of people waiting to pick up their orders that wraps all the way around the block.

From the outside, Montclair Bread Co. is killing it in quarantine and making the most of a bad situation.

But behind the scenes, there’s a whole different story. On March 13, after restricting entry inside the bakery to staff only, I was forced to lay off our entire part-time crew, over 20 people, to minimize the risk and exposure to our full-time staff and our customers. I took coffee and made-to-order sandwiches off the menu, because the process of selling them required too much customer contact. These items typically account for half of our sales.

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When I first opened my doors, I embraced the opportunity to diversify. What if the doughnut trend ends? No problem, sourdough is the next big ticket. When that ends? I can sell gallons of cold-brewed coffee drinks. If it wasn’t something edible, it was an experience — camp for kids, classes for adults, fun 5Ks.

But when the pandemic hit, catering orders for weddings, bar mitzvahs and graduations were canceled. The bakery’s running club was suspended until further notice, and with it all the post-run coffee and doughnut sales. The summer camp we host was canceled and refunded. Hands-on artisan baking classes were postponed, refunded and rescheduled. The 5- Mile Race to bRUNch, an event sold out to 1,000 runners, was deferred. St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day — all these events were revised and reduced to look like every other day in quarantine.

These revenue opportunities aren’t available under these conditions — 75% of my annual revenue potential has been decimated.

Why not just make more baked goods? With the reduction in staff, we are making the maximum our ovens (and our bodies) allow. I am baking from 3 am to 8 pm, six days a week.

I am breaking even, but breaking even won’t pay for the fridge to be replaced when the motor blows or when we need the oven repairman to fix a faulty heat sensor. I don’t have a true sense of how this will impact my business in the future because I don’t know what my business will look like next week. During the first few weeks of quarantine, bakery items sold out as quickly as they were posted online. But as consumers are becoming more comfortable going to stores and more restaurants are reopening, my sales are declining dramatically.

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In this industry, one thing I can count on are the highs and lows, which is why I’ve created alternative sources of income to help keep my bank account consistent. Those alternative sources are gone now. These are real, quantifiable losses as a result of the mandated quarantine orders. But when reported to my insurance company, the race that never happened, the summer camp refunds, baking classes called off — all these loss of business claims have been denied. Pandemics are not covered under my policy. In eight years of business, I have never once filed a claim, yet my premiums continue to rise as my bakery grows. The one time I really need help to stay afloat and need to use the service I’ve been paying for all these years, it doesn’t exist.

Rachel Wyman prepares baked goods in the kitchen of Montclair Bread Co.

Businesses should be able to depend on insurance for the safety and security it is meant to provide. Restrictions must be lifted or new policies must be put in place. Rather than offering first come, first serve grants to small businesses, we need a program to replace specific income associated with events and revenue streams in the same way unemployment benefits protect lost wages. It’s time to get creative if we want to keep Main Street, USA on the map.

Until then, the only thing I can plan for is tomorrow. I will keep waking up at 2 am and I will keep baking bread for as long as the community support endures.

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Warga Salatika diimbau tetap tenang di tengah rentetan gempa



PANJARNEGARA, JAWA TENGAH (ANTARA) – Badan Meteorologi, Klimatologi, dan Geofisika (BMKG) mengimbau warga Kota Salatiga, Jawa Tengah, dan sekitarnya untuk tetap tenang dan tidak panik atas laporan yang belum terverifikasi di tengah rangkaian gempa yang terjadi sejak 27 Mei lalu. .

Kepala Stasiun Geofisika BMKG Heri Susanto Wibowo, Senin, mengimbau warga untuk mengecek bangunan cukup tahan gempa sebelum pulang.

“Dan pastikan tidak ada kerusakan akibat getaran gempa yang bisa membahayakan stabilitas bangunan,” ujarnya di Banjarnegara, Jawa Tengah.

Ia mencatat, sesuai pantauan Stasiun Geofisika BMKG Panjarnegara pada 27-29 Mei lalu, warga Salathika dan sekitarnya merasakan empat kali gempa bermagnitudo 2,2 hingga 2,5.

Dia mencatat bahwa rangkaian gempa yang dilaporkan pada tahun 2021 serupa.

“Dari sebaran gempanya lebih dekat dengan kejadian Oktober-November 2021 yang kemungkinan disebabkan oleh sesar Merabi-Merpabu,” jelas Wibowo.

Dalam hal ini, dia menunjuk tiga sesar aktif di sekitar lokasi gempa, yakni sesar Merabi-Merbabu, sesar Ungaran, dan sesar Rawabening.

Namun, Wibowo tidak menutup kemungkinan akan muncul sesar baru yang belum teridentifikasi di dekat pusat gempa.

Namun, diakuinya perlu kajian lebih mendalam untuk mengetahui apakah rentetan gempa di Salatika disebabkan oleh patahan tersebut.

“Berdasarkan sebarannya, rangkaian gempa beberapa hari terakhir ini memang lebih ke arah sesar Merabi-Merbabu, namun perlu kajian lebih lanjut,” katanya.

Selain itu, berdasarkan peta geologi tahun 1975, wilayah Salathika, Ambarawa dan sekitarnya diketahui tersusun dari endapan sedimen yang dapat memperbesar gelombang atau gempa bumi, jelas Wibowo.

Oleh karena itu, warga diimbau untuk membangun rumah tahan gempa guna mengantisipasi kerusakan jika terjadi gempa, ujarnya.

Serangkaian gempa skala kecil di dalam dan sekitar Salatika diharapkan dapat mengurangi kemungkinan terjadinya gempa skala besar karena energi yang dilepaskan oleh gempa yang lebih kecil.

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Selain rangkaian gempa di Salatika dan sekitarnya pada 2021, kata dia, berdasarkan data, magnitudo terbesar hanya mencapai 3,5.

Dia mengatakan, berdasarkan survei makro atau survei langsung di lapangan, kerusakan seperti retakan pada bangunan memang terjadi.

“Struktur bangunan juga perlu kita cek, apakah tahan gempa atau sesuai kaidah pembangunan infrastruktur,” ujarnya.

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Pengarang: Anton Santoso
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Kementerian Pertanian mengharapkan transfer pengetahuan dari investor



MANADO, SULAWESI UTARA (ANTARA) – Dengan kerjasama investor, petani lokal bisa mendapatkan ilmu budidaya stevia, kata Sairib Burhanuddin, Penasehat Senior Bidang Hilir Produk Pertanian Kementerian Pertanian.

“Kerja sama diharapkan dapat meningkatkan kesejahteraan dan perekonomian masyarakat. Namun yang terpenting, kerja sama tersebut akan lebih baik jika melibatkan transfer ilmu,” kata Burhanuddin, Minggu.

Kerjasama budidaya stevia diharapkan dapat diperluas ke produk lainnya.

Dia mengatakan pemerintah mengambil langkah dengan membuat peraturan yang tepat yang akan memberikan manfaat bagi masyarakat lokal bagi investor yang tertarik untuk berinvestasi di Indonesia.

“Semua pihak, termasuk petani, pemerintah daerah, aparat keamanan, dan investor perlu bekerja sama. Kami tidak akan memberikan apa-apa tanpa kerja sama,” tegas Burhanuddin.

Petani setempat menggandeng investor PT Kakak Perkasa Indokor menanam stevia sebagai pemanis dan pengganti gula di lahan seluas tiga hektar di Kabupaten Minahasa.

Produk tersebut akan diekspor ke Korea Selatan.

Menurut Burhanuddin, keberhasilan budidaya stevia akan mendorong perusahaan lain untuk ikut serta dalam kerjasama tersebut.

“Kebijakannya adalah untuk mencegah monopoli karena praktik seperti itu menimbulkan ketidakadilan dan ketimpangan yang berujung pada ketidakpuasan. Oleh karena itu, kami berharap investor mengubah pengetahuannya,” tegasnya lagi.

Berkunjung ke Kabupaten Minahasa, Penasihat Senior Menteri berbicara dengan investor dan petani budidaya stevia di desa Dondekasan sebelum meninjau kondisi petani dan pengusaha tanaman Porang di desa Kayui.

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Heats Gabe Vincent (pergelangan kaki) memulai Game 6 vs. Celtics



Nick FriedelPenulis staf ESPN27 Mei 2023, 20:09 ETSaya membaca selama 1 menit

MIAMI – Heat guard Gabe Vincent akan kembali dari absen satu pertandingan untuk memulai Game 6 final Wilayah Timur Sabtu malam melawan Boston Celtics.

Di pergantian lain untuk Heat, pemain depan Caleb Martin akan menggantikan Kevin Love di starting lima.

Vincent, yang rata-rata mencetak 17,5 poin per game selama seri tersebut, absen di Game 5 karena cedera pergelangan kaki kiri dan sempat kembali beraksi setelah melakukan jump shot di pertengahan kuarter keempat Game 4. Ada harapan untuk bermain di Game 5, tetapi pergelangan kakinya tidak sembuh tepat waktu.

Kyle Lowry mulai menggantikan Vincent dalam kekalahan Miami 110-97 pada hari Kamis. Dia berjuang dalam 30 menitnya di lapangan, mencatatkan lima poin, dua rebound, satu assist, dan empat turnover.

Martin Heat memiliki pukulan kuat dari bangku cadangan, menembak 59,3% dari lapangan dan rata-rata 17,6 poin. Dia menembak 14 dari 31 (45,2%) dari jarak 3 poin dari dalam.

Love memulai lima game pertama dari seri tersebut, dengan rata-rata 5,0 poin dan 4,6 rebound.

Celtics tidak akan diperkuat pemain keenam tahun ini Malcolm Brockton, yang absen untuk Game 6 karena cedera lengan kanan.

Miami berusaha menghindari menjadi tim NBA pertama yang kalah dalam seri playoff setelah unggul 3-0.

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